This October has been all about pumpkins. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin beer. The list goes on and on, so we wanted to create a “Leveltek” Halloween list full of festive steel, metal and iron decorations.
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Just one more Amazing Infographic before moving on, and this one has nothing to do with the industry, but is just a lot of fun.  It’s Valentine’s Day by the numbers, breaking down all the facts of the day in one place.  Check it out, and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


Let’s give the holiday season a final farewell, and the new year a final “hello” by taking a quick look at how the world celebrating the beginning of 2014 on Wednesday.  Let’s make this new year a great one, everyone!

We’re going off topic, because this blog marks the beginning of one of our favorite weeks of the year, Christmas week!  So, in honor of the occasion, enjoy this gallery of some of the most impressive Christmas decorations from around the world that we’ve found.  As members of the heavy industry community, we can certainly appreciate all of the hard work and many, many manhours that went into creating these veritable works of art.

Again, merry Christmas and happy New Year, everyone!