Why Steel?

Steel is a primary component of many buildings today. It is also used on railroads, bridges, and other necessary infrastructure. But why do we tend to use steel and not other materials?
  • Steel has the highest strength to weight ratio of any building material. It’s durability means you don’t have to replace components often. There are some bridges in the US that are in need of repairs now, but they have lasted over 50-100 years with their original materials.
  • Steel is also fire-resistant, so it won’t create fuel for a fire. Unlike wood, steel won’t rot, split, crack, or warp. This means much lower maintenance for steel buildings compared to wood ones.
  • Steel is also good for the environment. All steel used nowadays contains at least some recycled steel. Steel can also be recycled and reused.
  • Steel is also very affordable for construction. Since it uses partially recycled material and lasts long, it is more cost effective than other metals or wood.



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