Amazing Steel Structures

Steel may seem like a standard material in skyscrapers, office buildings, schools, and big retail stores, but it can be manipulated to create intricate structures and architectural wonders. Check out these eye-catching buildings created with structural steel:


1) Nascar Hall of Fame | Charlotte, North Carolina

Nascar Hall of Fame


Steel trusses are used to achieve significant spans in the project:

  • A set of trusses spanning 175 feet achieve a grand column-free ballroom
  • A 100-foot-long, bi-level footbridge, supported by a pair of one-story-deep trusses, links the ballroom with the existing Charlotte Convention Center
  • Two- and three-story-high trusses cantilever 30 feet over the broadcast studio.


2) City Creek Center Retractable Roof | Salt Lake City, Utah

City Creek Center Retractable Roof

The resulting retractable, barrel‐vaulted roof is configured in two sections, each spanning one city block:

  • Each section is 240 ft. long and 58 ft wide, with an S‐shape that echoes the curve of the signature City Creek
  • The precision‐sculpted steel and glass transparently shields patrons when closed, and disappears from sight when open; connecting nature with the areas below.


3) Bird’s Nest | Beijing, China

Bird's Nest

  • 110,000 tons of the steel were used in this structure built for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • “In China, a bird’s nest is very expensive, something you eat on special occasions.”- New York Times
  • According to Reuters, more than 17,000 people worked on this one stadium alone


Gateway Arch | St. Louis, Missouri

Gateway Arch

  • The Arch is made of 142 stainless Steel Sections
  •  The structure was built as a monument to Thomas Jefferson and all those pioneers for who St. Louis was the Gateway to the West
  • The Gateway Arch is made of steel and concrete
  • Double wall construction with 1/4” stainless steel on the outside and 3/8” structural steel inside
  • The distance between the wall or “skins” at the surface is 3 feet, narrowing to less than 1 foot at the top
  • There is a layer of concrete between the skins approximately half way up the legs of the Gateway Arch


Sources: BDC Network


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