Coil Toll Processing – Leveltek is here for you!


Leveltek has been manufacturing and installing stretch leveling systems for years, but even some of our most loyal customers are unaware there we’re also here for all of your toll processing needs.

What is toll processing? Toll processing, also known as toll manufacturing, tolling, toll conversion or custom manufacturing, can be defined as performing a service on a customer’s product, for a fee (toll) – It’s an arrangement in which a company with specialized equipment (Leveltek) processes raw materials (coils) for another company. 

Leveltek operates toll processing facilities that are located strategically in Benwood, WV (60 miles southwest of Pittsburgh, PA), and LaPorte, IN (70 miles east of Chicago, IL). We use our patented, non-marking stretch leveling technology to eliminate shape defects in coils of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and make them commercially acceptable.

Since 1993, Leveltek – Benwood has offered a patented stretch leveling system to improve the flatness of specialty metal coils on a toll processing basis. This technology, which performs at a level unmatched in the industry, restores to perfection coils that would otherwise end up as scrap metal, and is guaranteed not to mark or scratch the surface being stretched.



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