How Flat is Your Material?

A small preview of the larger presentation to come – a few facts on steel from a recent presentation given by Bob Sipp:

Global Coiled Metals:

95% Carbon Steel

-Mild Carbon; A36; Grade 50; Grade 80; HSLA; Special Alloys

5% ‘Everything Else’

-Aluminum; Aluminum Alloys; Stainless Steel; Titanium; Brass/Bronze/Copper; Nickel Alloys

Properties of coiled metals:

Primary focus on yield strength, tensile strength, and several other smaller factors.

Metal Cutting Technologies:

-Punching; Drilling; Tapping; Stamping; Burning; Water-Jet; Plasma; Lasers

Did You Know?

The first laser-cutting machine for sheet metal was built in 1979 by Strippit Corp. in Akron, NY

That same year, the first laser was added to a punch machine.

From 1979-1984, 40 more units of ‘laser resonator’ punch machines were also built.

Lasers are the superior choice for your metal needs!

Learn more about industrial lasers, the history of stand-alone lasers, major global laser builders,and more, coming up in our next installation.


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