Dave Craig and Bob Sipp attend FMA Leadership Summit

fabcom-header-logoDave Craig and Bob Sipp of Leveltek recently attended the FMA Leadership Summit to be a part of the community learning experience and awards ceremony for several members in the fabrication industry. Bob is an FMA Coil Processing Council Director, and both Bob and Dave were pleased to attend the Leadership Summit this year. You can read about the summit and award recipients here and below courtesy of the FMA website.

FMA announces 2013 Industry Award winners

February 25, 2013

The Fabricators & Manufacturers Association Intl. (FMA), Rockford, Ill., has announced the winners of its Industry Awards 2013. The two awards — presented by two of FMA Communications’ magazines — recognize individuals or companies in the metal forming and fabricating industry and the tube and pipe industry that have successfully improved operations, attained business success, and contributed to both the local and industry communities.

A&E Custom Mfg. Technologies Inc., Kansas City, Kan., has received The FABRICATOR®’s Industry Award 2013. Founded as a tool and die shop in 1959, the company developed metal stamping capabilities in the 1980s and expanded into sheet metal fabrication in 2001. It is an established supplier to the transportation industries and manufactures construction, military, medical, and food processing equipment as well.

“A&E isn’t waiting for someone else to solve the skilled-labor shortage that is keeping many companies from growing,” said Edward Youdell, president and CEO of FMA. “It has taken on the responsibility of ensuring its incumbent workforce is highly skilled and that it can add new staff with the right skills by implementing an in-house training program that turns new hires into productive team members with the opportunity for advancement.”

Customer satisfaction is another factor in the company’s growth and profitability. A&E has been tracking customer satisfaction levels annually since 2007 with an anonymous survey and using feedback to drive its service improvement initiatives.

Independence Tube Corp. is the winner of the TPJ Industry Award 2013, presented by TPJ-The Tube & Pipe Journal® and sponsored by the Tube & Pipe Association Intl. (TPA), Rockford, Ill.

Independence Tube’s Decatur, Ala., location was nearly demolished by an EF5 tornado on April 27, 2011, but only 12 months later the rebuilt facility was open and ready for business — no small accomplishment considering that the storm destroyed 385,000 sq. ft. of the plant’s 435,000-sq.-ft. facility. The resilience and recovery plan demonstrated by the staff of this company earned them the award.

“No company can expect to have a disaster of this magnitude strike its facility, but every company should have a well-designed recovery plan in place just in case a natural disaster hits,” Youdell said. “The way this company developed a recovery team and executed a plan that focused on the facility, its employees, and the needs of its customers was truly exemplary.”

FMA is a professional organization with nearly 2,500 members working together to improve the metal processing, forming, and fabricating industry. FMA has two technology affiliates — TPA, which focuses on the unique needs of companies engaged in tube and pipe producing and fabricating; and Green Manufacturer Network, a professional organization of individual members dedicated to working toward environmentally friendly manufacturing.



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