EPA Clean Air Act Not Expected to Impact Metals

EPAThe Environmental Protection Agency has recently solidified a new Clean Air Act edit/amendment/ which changes the standards for boilers and incinerators, as well as announced revisions to the Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials Rule. The EPA said it passed the Clean Air Act amendments to address only those boilers that emit the most pollution, which they estimate as being less than 1% of about 1.5 million operational boilers in the U.S.

The updated Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials rules will reportedly define more clearly the laws regarding the types of secondary materials that are considered non-waste fuels. As reported by the American Metal Market, the latest revisions will primarily affect those businesses recycling scrap tires.

Industry professionals been anticipating the updates for some time, and the changes were expected to go through by the end of 2012. Although somewhat divisive in the past, the latest set of revisions from the EPA will have little if any impact on scrap metal recyclers, according to officials within the company.




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