Manufacturing, China are hot topics in presidential race

The November elections are creeping up, and both presidential candidates are emphasizing their dedication to strengthening the domestic manufacturing sector. Specifically, both men are working to address the public’s concern over China’s growth, possible violations of international trade rules, and corner on jobs that could be going to U.S. workers.

Some analysts find this surprising, noting that these topics are now hotter than ever, whereas they have taken a backseat in past general election campaigns. But the move by both candidates to highlight manufacturing is a wise one; several swing states, including Ohio and North Carolina, are heavily invested in the industry.

In several recent examples, Obama has filed a trade case against China for providing unfair subsidies to exporters of automotive parts, and former governor Romney has stated that if elected, he will name China a currency manipulator.

Manufacturing industry leaders agree that a large percentage of goods produced in the U.S. come from the manufacturing sector, and U.S. citizens are beginning to press for better, healthier, and stronger international trade relationships. Both presidential candidates are highlighting their commitment to making the American manufacturing sector globally competitive.

Although issues raised during presidential campaigns are not necessarily addressed after election, the fact that manufacturing is taking center stage now makes it more likely that progress will continue in the future, if the topic can stay present and relevant in the minds of the president and the American people.


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