December 1 to spell tough times for Flint, Mich.

Stiffer scrap metal rules are set to go into effect the beginning of December for scrap recyclers and their suppliers in Flint, Michigan. The rules under the new ordinance are some of the toughest in the country, and local buyers are suspicious of the motives surrounding the ruling, and frustrated by the harshness of the ordinance.

The rules include banning anyone with a known alcohol or drug addiction from buying or selling scrap metal, and require recyclers to obtain a scrap metal purchasing license for each facility it operates. These applications will be reviewed by the fire, police, and building and safety inspections departments before next being taken up for vote by the city council (source: AMM).

Scrap yards will be required to verify each customer’s valid permit, and if the scrap yard does not immediately report any customer attempt to sell metal without a permit, it will be fined $500 and a 30-day closure.

Furthermore, aluminum siding will not be allowed to be sold, and no scrapyards may operate between the house of 9pm and 7am. Barbed wire will be required to fence in each yard.

Although the law seems to be trying to further curb scrap thefts, buyers and sellers feel unfairly repressed, and some buyers are afraid that business will decrease in Flint as a result, instead going to neighboring places with less restrictive rules.


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