Monthly Archives: August 2012

More exciting updates at Leveltek! In 2010 we installed a 96″ wide stretch leveler at our Benwood, WV facility, and it continues to perform well. We are committed to providing our customers with high quality leveler technology, and we also embrace this technology at our own locations, in order to serve our clients quickly and efficiently. Our leveler has allowed us to do even more for each customer, and we are glad to be able to share this success with you!


Whether a truly stronger market or just a temporary spike, increased U.S. exports to Turkey this week are driving scrap export prices down – three bulk cargoes have traded in just two days. As reported by the American Metals Market, two exporters have booked sales to three different Turkish mills, and the prices agreed upon were more than $20 tonnes above the last reported bulk sale. Over the past week, Turkish buyers were choosing to get cheaper tons from Europe, which caused a dry spell in U.S. exports, even though their quality of scrap was better. One source told AMM that U.S. prices are already ‘cooler’ as demand for finished steel products remains ‘challenging’ here. It remains to be seen if a dip in export prices is still to come.