Press Release: Leveltek’s State of the Art Stretch Leveling System Unveiled


Nannette Staropoli
(800) 755-6441

Leveltek’s State Of the Art Stretch Leveling System Unveiled

at Newly Renovated MidWest Materials, Inc. Facilities

Leveltek is pleased to announce the integration of its state of the art Stretch Leveling System into the newly renovated Steel Service Center of MidWest Materials, Inc., located in Perry, OH. The Leveling System is the largest and most advanced of its kind in North America, and its installation marks the final phase in MidWest’s multi-year, multi-million dollar expansion project.

The addition of Leveltek’s Stretch Leveling System to MidWest’s 240,000 square foot facility will enable MidWest to hone its manufacturing methods and standards, and improve the efficiency and precision of its work overall. Leveltek’s cut-to-length lines, levelers, slitters, and shears will give MidWest the ability to provide its customers with the flattest memory-free steel, ranging from mild to ultra-high-strength, and up to 3/4” thick and 100” wide.

MidWest Materials CEO Brian Robbins noted that the new Leveltek technology “…will allow us, our customers, and U.S. manufacturing to remain competitive world-wide, helping us all retain and create new jobs.”

As a premier Steel Service Center, the leveler will allow MidWest to meet the needs of leading manufacturer clients with newer and more sophisticated manufacturing and processing techniques, who need steel stock of the very highest quality in order to perform precise techniques, such as laser and plasma cutting.

About Leveltek
Located in Benwood, WV, Leveltek offers a patented stretch leveling technique that picks up where tension leveling leaves off. Our mission is to improve the flatness of coils of speciality metals on a toll processing basis. We deal with stainless steels, titanium, aluminum, brass, copper, nickel alloys, and carbon steels.

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